Misalignments ARE Stressful...

Is your spine misaligned? That IS the question. Misalignments are a form of stress to the body. Do you know what stress does to the body? Stress causes the release of adrenalin. A body held in a stress posture continually expresses its stressed state and releases an excessive amount of adrenalin. Medical professionals treat many patients who have conditions relating to a high release of adrenalin. These conditions include headaches, anxiety, and depression. Do chiropractors treat those conditions? I don't. I remove the interference (subluxation) that distorts an otherwise optimally functioning body.

Stress also causes blood sugar levels to increase. How common is high levels of blood sugar? The result is diabetes. However, please do not come to me to get adjusted because you have diabetes. I do not treat that or any other medical condition. I simply focus on facilitating healthy connections in your body to support the healthy expression of 100% life. The body then does what the body then does.

Stress also causes blood pressure to rise. How prevalent is hypertension? Medical professionals treat a plethora of patients who suffer with hypertension. Do chiropractors treat hypertension? I certainly don't. I am NOT interested in getting off-focus regarding what I do. I focus on the removal of interference within the body and how removing interference supports the body's optimal performance. The body then does what it needs to do, nothing more and nothing less.

When a body stores stress and releases an excess amount of adrenalin, thus elevating both blood sugar levels and blood pressure, muscles become tense. Medical professionals treat many patients who have a host of musculoskeletal conditions including but not limited to fibromyalgia, neck pain, back pain, etc. Do chiropractors treat musculoskeletal conditions? I don't. I truly don't. I don't even want to give the illusion that I do, whether directly or indirectly. I simply adjust the spine using very gentle methods. The body then does what the body is designed to do when it expresses itself optimally.

A body storing high degrees of stress has a diminshed immune system. Medical professionals treat many patients who have a host of arthritic and auto-immune conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and AIDS. Do chiropractors treat these conditions? I sure don't. I work to release the vitalistic properties of the body through the chiropractic adjustment, through the removal of vertebral subluxations.

A stressed body slows digestion. Medical professionals treat many patients who have a host of digestive disorders. They include Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chron's Disease, Constipation, Indigestion, and more. Do chiropractors treat digestive disorders? I don't. I am not interested in doing so. Why would I? I am a chiropractor. I know what that means. It means I offer something incredibly powerful, a chiropractic adjustment. The body then does what the body needs to do when it's expressing more of itself with no interference.

A body locked in stress shows a decrease in sexual function. Medical professionals are treating many patients who believe they are suffering from some form of sexual dysfunction. Look at the increasing popularity of drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. In addition, cases of infertility remain high in our stress-filled society. Do chiropractors treat sexual or fertility problems? I don't. I simply release the interference that compromises function and performance. The body then does what it does. What happens next is natural and in alignment with 100% life.

Why does the body get stressed? When danger is present, the body has a fight or flight mechanism. This mechanism allows the body to combat or run from danger. That is why there is a release of adrenalin and an increase in blood sugar and blood pressure. It is why our muscles get tense and why our immune, digestive, and sexual functions shut down. Those functions use up a lot of energy. The body, therefore, shuts down our immune, digestive, and sexual functions because they are not necessary for handling dangerous situations. The energy is needed elsewhere.

Why does the body store stress? When the spine gets misaligned because of excessive stimuli to which the body cannot properly adapt because it exceeds its ability to do so (whew), the body expresses a distorted or dissonant tone. 100% life (expression with no interference) cannot dissipate properly through the body. As a result, the body expresses its stress, which is then held in the body. A misalignment is stress to the body. A body storing stress is held in a compromising tensegrity stress posture, which, like it or not, brings about even more stress, the type that sabotages the full expression of alignment and 100% life.

As a chiropractor, I make no claims about the power of the chiropractic adjustment. Quite simply, the body does what it does. What it does when it is in alignment is quite immpressive indeed! All I do is serve people with the chiropractic adjustment, knowing that once the body is in proper alignment, optimal function follows as a natural result. This is not an opinion. Structure equals function! When your body is in alignment, it naturally allows for the optimal dissemination of energy (communication between brain cell and tissue cell). Would you rather treat a condition? I wouldn't and I don't.

Tens of thousands of people throughout the world are extremely satisfied with the benefits from chiropractic. You want results? Consider the popularity of chiropractic, even during these economically challenging times! The answer is satisfying. People are satisfied with the results that come from the chiropractic adjustment, and their satisfaction comes from having a healthier expression that naturally comes naturally when the body is in proper alignment.


Michael A. Scimeca, D.C. is a family chiropractor who practices in Roswell, GA. He helps people express more of their potential through the chiropractic adjustment. He also functions as a life coach (an educator) to help people learn how they can take better care of themselves from the inside out.


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